2017 High quality products!Spring flat bar_sup7 from Jianhui Metals Group

Spring flat bar sup7


Spring flat bar sup7 is a kind of pre-hardened material well suited for fabrication requiring  shaping by blanking, bending, drawing, extrusion and swaging.

A29M 9260 spring steels are mainly used for the manufacture of railway rolling stock, cars and  tractors on the leaf spring and coil spring, the safety valve spring, shock absorber on a  variety of heavy machinery, instrument springs, friction plate.


Spring flat bar sup7, Highlight the advantage is good hardenability, another hot working  performance, comprehensive mechanical properties.

Decarburization resistance is also good big cross section of various important spring, such as  automobile, locomotive, large plate spring, spring, etc.

SUP7 Spring main used for heavy vehicles, tractors, industrial production load, stress and the diameter of the larger plate spring and helical spring.

Spring flat bar sup7  allows for closer dimensional tolerances and improved finish  and available in several grades. Grade selection is important when considering higher levels of  wear resistance.