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Gb Standard A36 Ms Carbon Steel Plate

Gb Standard A36 Ms Carbon Steel Plate covers the chemical and mechanical requirements for carbon steel shapes, plates, and bars of structural quality for use in riveted, bolted, or welded construction of bridges, buildings, and general structural purposes.JH manufactured from A36 steel include ASTM specifications A307 and F1554 Grade 36 as well as SAE J429 Grade 2.

Gb Standard A36 Ms Carbon Steel Plate has the following applications:

  • It is used in bolted, riveted or welded construction of bridges, buildings and oil rigs.
  • It is used in forming tanks, bins, bearing plates, fixtures, rings, templates, jigs, sprockets, cams, gears, base plates, forgings, ornamental works, stakes, brackets, automotive and agricultural equipment, frames, machinery parts.
  • It is used for various parts obtained by flame cutting such as in parking garages, walkways, boat landing ramps and trenches.

Appurtenant Materials

When components of a steel structure are identified with this ASTM designation, but the product form is not listed in the scope of this specification, the material shall conform to one of the standards listed below unless otherwise specified by the purchaser.



Gb Standard A36 Ms Carbon Steel Plate can be used for a wide range of applications, depending on the thickness and corrosion resistance of the alloy.  Some of the products manufactured using A36 structural steel plate are:

  • Buildings, including pre-fabricated buildings, warehouses, industrial and commercial structures
  • Cabinets, enclosures and housings
  • Pipe and tubing


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