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AISI/SAE 1020 grade round steel bars


AISI/SAE 1020 grade round steel bars is a general purpose carbon steel suitable for surface hardening. It may, as required, be case hardened, welded and machined. Cold forming may be carried out, preferably from a spheroidized structure.

Normalizing is seldom carried out on carbon contents at this level, but may be used prior to surface hardening. The normalizing temperature range for this grade is typically 1650 – 1700 º F (900 – 930 º C) followed by air cooling. When forgings are normalized before, say, carburizing, the upper range of the normalizing temperature is used. When normalizing is the final treatment, the lower temperature range is used.

AISI/SAE 1020 grade round steel bars

This grade of steel is not normally subjected to hardening and tempering treatments as the hardness obtained from such treatments would not warrant their being performed. Carburizing might be carried out at 1620 – 1690 º F (880 – 920 º C,) and carbonitriding at 1470 – 1600 º F (800 – 875 º C,)

Hardening of the carburized case would be performed at 1430 – 1500 º F (780 – 820 º C.) followed by a water quench and a tempering treatment at 300 – 400 º F (150 – 200 º C) to improve case toughness with a minimum effect on its hardness. Case hardness values of Rc 60 may be obtained on carburized C1020.

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