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sae 1045_steel bar


Sae 1045_steel bar is a medium tensile low hardenability carbon steel generally supplied in the black hot rolled or occasionally in the normalised condition, with a typical tensile strength range 570 – 700 Mpa and Brinell hardness range 170 – 210 in either condition.

Characterised by fairly good strength and impact properties, plus good machinability and reasonable weldability in the hot rolled or normalised condition.

Sae 1045_steel bar is used extensively by all industry sectors for applications requiring more strength and wear resistance than the low carbon mild steels can provide and the higher strength of the low alloy high tensile steels is not necessary, plus those applications requiring flame or induction hardening.

Typical applications include hydraulic rams, shafts and medium to higher strength threaded fasteners.1045 is generally not recommended for critical applications, particularly those where high strength is required in combination with ductility or toughness.
For these application low-alloy steels are generally recommended (or in certain cases micro- alloy steels).

Sae 1045_steel bar is used in general engineering applications. This grade is used in engineering applications where better strength that that offered by either M1020 or M1030 is a requirement.